Growing up in a poor working-class family had many ups-and-downs for Anthony Joseph Rubi, a frail adolescent boy who always stayed optimistic throughout his childhood. Even after doctors & school counselors diagnosed him with a learning disability at a very young age—claiming he was mentally handicapped.

Regardless of this debilitating burden, it never kept him down as he grew up and overcame his insecurities and mental weaknesses.

When asked if it was all worth it, “Absolutely, I encourage everyone to go after their goals in life, the only stress I had to deal with, was the intense Math courses I was required to take, but if someone with a Learning Disability like me could do it—anyone can!” Anthony said.

By that time Anthony already graduated with a degree in Communication: Mass / TV / Video, and had established his credentials as a successful Television Writer, Editor, Producer, Director, and Post-Production Supervisor.

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