Brewin Bistro


Most mainstream programs on television these days may be entertaining for a pre-dominate college demographic, but how many networks out there truly allow students onto these shows? For the most part, Salt Lake Community College has its own TV station (SLCCTV) that broadcasts fresh academic content directly to consumers of media on Comcast/channel 17 from the Redwood campus. Viewers are welcome to watch college sports, student news and variety programs such as Insight, Express News or End of the Bench 24 hours a day.

It was through this station that a new college program was forged; they called it Brewin Bistro, a monthly show that promotes talented student-instrumentalists. It gives people the chance to promote their music on cable television and impress any possible talent scouts that might be watching out there, which is a great opportunity because most individuals don’t get big-breaks like this from other college institutions.

Potential candidates are encouraged to e-mail two different YouTube performances to as audition tapes—so the associate producer, Bri’anna Joy can screen each submission prior to every episode. Although the program helps pleasant-sounding artists promote their songs, lyrics and genius, the show only accepts acoustic performers.

Scott Iverson is the show’s Executive Producer whose overall vision and purpose of the show is to give local musicians (students and non-students alike) the opportunity to endorse their musical trades.

“We have no shortage of prospective professional featured artists for the show, because we partner with IAMA (Intermountain Acoustic Music Association). We are obligated to give their member-artists first priority. Right now, we're booked-out until next April and have barely scratched the surface,” Scott said.

Bri’anna Joy has many incentives and oppositions in promoting the new episodes and was more than happy to sit down for an interview.

“The rewards for working on the show are great—I get paid to attend concerts while interviewing singers after their performances; however, the challenges do sometimes result in not finding enough undergraduates who are talented enough to appear on this cable program, but we still need to give them first priority since were a college show,” Bri’anna said.

Nonetheless, once the producers find a diamond in the rough, Bri’anna contacts the new performers and asks them to play three songs on stage in the studio for the next day of filming. Each singer is also required to show up for a two-hour dress rehearsal before the show starts. This gives every vocalist a chance to adapt with the acoustic environment before the studio audience comes storming in prior to the actual shoot.

Although the televised days and times for each episode of Brewin Bistro can be found on, everyone should know that the SLCCTV network and its educational programs are not only meant to entertain, but to also serve as a Public Relations instrument. This broadcasting medium helps promote the college, students and community events for the general public. However, if most students feel Brewin Bistro doesn’t do enough, they can always add their comments onto the Brewin Bistro Facebook profile where their suggestions can go towards improving the show’s format.

—Dante Antonio Dominguez

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