"Loco Legacy Media is dependable and able to follow through with any media assignment offered to them. Throughout the years of seeing their accountability in producing television content, it is my pleasure to recommend them for consideration in any media project out there."
Vern Rawcliffe

SLCC TV Production Manager

"Loco Legacy Media really knows how to take charge of any assignment we hand over to them, whether it’s filming, editing, writing or directing, whatever obstacles come their way — they never give up until the job is done. One thing that makes them stand out from other media companies is their dedication to community and hard work. Thank you Loco Legacy Media!"
Nick Wadsworth

Lions Club Director

"For years I've had difficulty finding a team of cinematographers I could rely on and trust, then suddenly Loco Legacy Media stepped-in and produced a much-needed Music Video for my company before our big show at the Urban Arts Festival. Thank you Loco Legacy Media, everything you touch turns to gold!"
Robert Devins / Brain Detergent

Anode Records

"Loco Legacy Media is a super motivated, talented and capable organization that’s produced several (excellent) productions & websites for us (Channel 17) throughout the years, all while spearheading projects and coming up with creative ideas to benefit our network."
Bill Bradford

TV 17 Media Operations Manager

"As the director of a Faith-based organization, it’s so difficult finding people that are knowledgeable in Mass Media. That is until Loco Legacy helped us produce Videos, Podcasts, and XHTML / CSS web pages that helped publicize our ministry to the general public. I’d like to thank Loco Legacy Media for all their hard work."
Pastor Irvin Pierce

The Truth, the Life & the Way Fellowship

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