Racism is wrong, however bigotry still plagues Hispanics today, they’re not always hated because of their skin tone, but because they don’t always prefer to fit-in and speak English everywhere they go.

Regardless of all the Cultural Competence taught through public education—millions of Latinos still face hatred as most of their rivals consist of people in authority who harvest private discrimination against them—keeping people with Spanish last names from obtaining work through Applicant Segregation or through social networks that bully others in the community schools, parks or neighborhoods.

When I was a child, the heroes on television were always Caucasian people with blond hair and blue eyes. The media shoved them in my face so badly I use to feel ashamed of my heritage. So because of these social epidemics, I give unto the world SuperMexican—to expose the wiles of regional prejudice one issue at a time.

Anthony J. Rubi


Dante Antonio Dominguez

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